Starter KPIs for B2B Enterprise

  1. Shouldn’t we spend more time choosing our specific KPIs (or OKRs) than deciding whether to adopt metrics in general?
  2. Why KPIs from consumer companies don’t fit well with B2B/enterprise
  3. Some B2B KPIs starting points, knowing that every company is different

[1] Generic KPIs?

[2] The Most Visible KPIs are from Consumer-Focused Companies

  • The buyer is the user
  • Buying decisions are made quickly based on a few messages or touches
  • Products are easy to try or test before purchase
  • We can interview hundreds of prospects without stepping on current sales efforts
  • Our audience is large enough, and any one individual sale small enough, that we can run pricing or messaging or packaging experiments on live customers

So Where Should B2B/Enterprise Folks Start?

TTV: Time-To-Value

Inactive Customers?

Sound Byte



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Rich Mironov

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